Our grout colourant is a high premium grade grout sealer used by professionals Australia wide. The only true anti mould & oil repellent grout colourant in Australia. 10 times more durable and easier to apply then any epoxy grout colorant, grout pen or grout paint.

Our grout cleaner and grout colouring procedure is easy to use and will clean,  recolour, rejuvenate and seal existing grout joints all in one application. The only other option that use to be available was regrouting but there is no need to regrout with Grout Perfect`s grout restoration kits. Can be applied to new or old grout installations. Grout will no longer be porous, uniform look, non fading, non yellowing, fills small cracks, more sanitary.

Recommended For:

Sanded – Unsanded and Epoxy Grout Joints – Domestic and Commercial Use.

Over 24 colours available. Perfect for kitchen floors, splash backs, showers and living areas. Can be applied to Interior & Exterior applications.

Why choose Grout Perfect:

  1. Mould & Mildew Resistant.
  2. Repels oily and water based stains.
  3. Repels red soil and dirt.
  4. Easiest grout colourant to apply.
  5. Thickest grout colourant in Australia.
  6. Only one coat is needed.
  7. Looks like grout once cured.
  8. Can handle high pressure cleaning.
  9. Can handle scrubbing. Steam Mops
  10. Premium commercial grade sealer.
  11. Easy to keep stain free and clean.
  12. Used by large franchise companies.
  13. Will not discolour or fade over time.
  14. Last more than 15 years. Guaranteed

Other grout colourants compared:

  1. Does not stop mould.
  2. Does not repel oily stains.
  3. Does not repel red soil.
  4. Hard to apply and remove of tiles.
  5. Thin watery type sealers.
  6. Need to apply 2-3 coats.
  7. Looks like paint not grout.
  8. Cannot use high pressure water.
  9. No scrubbing or steam mops.
  10. Not premium commercial grade.
  11. Hard to keep stain free & clean.
  12. Not used by professionals.
  13. Will discolour and fade overtime.
  14. May last 1-2 years.

Please Note: Actual colours may vary due to variations in computer monitors. For a accurate colour match simply order our colour swab brochure.